Vertical Lube Oil Pumps (Model VCRE)

Vertical Lube Oil Pumps (Model VCRE)

Lube oil pumping applications demand a pump that provides reliability and extended service life with a minimum of maintenance. The typical Lube Oil pump must also be capable of operation over a wide range of temperature and liquid viscosity conditions.

The VCRE family of pumps is designed specifically with these requirements in mind. The VCRE lube oil pump is a vertically submerged pump that utilizes an ANSI standard hydraulic construction, enclosed bearing housing, and welded piping construction which eliminates the inherent maintenance and leakage problems associated with other pumps.

During operation, axial and radial thrust loads are controlled by Buffalo’s exclusive modified casing volute and impeller design.

Buffalo Pumps is backed by extensive field-proven experience in designing pumps to handle any lube oil application. This experience also provides flexibility in assisting OEM’s contractors and end-users in designing a sound installation that ensures maximum life.

Our on-site lube oil test tank gives Buffalo Pumps the ability to simulate field conditions in order to properly select VCRE pumps for the critical applications they are installed in. The lube oil test tank also allows for performance verification of any vertical lube oil pump if desired.

The VCRE pump design has been a mainstay in the power generation industry for over 60 years.

Our robust design on these vertical pumps has allowed for them to be implemented on various skid designs with several different turbine manufacturers.

The VCRE pump is also available with an open impeller (VCRO style) for heavier duty applications including light slurries and sumps.


Design Features

  • Impellers for the VCRE were designed specifically to provide low axial thrust to provide long life bearings.
  • Thrust bearing life is maximized through casing, impeller, and impeller balance chamber design to reduce axial forces on the bearing. Impeller position within the casing is maintained in a specific location.
  • Bearings can be either grease or oil lubricated. Radial bearing life is maximized through our special casing design to reduce radial hydraulic thrust.
  • Our shafts are designed such that the first critical speed is a minimum of 20% higher than the operating speed. This rigid shaft design provides worry-free operation.
  • Close tolerance machined and rabbeted fits are utilized on all major components. This facilitates the ability to rebuild the original pump assembly in the field.
  • Coverplates are a minimum of 7/8” thick to provide a rigid, flat and leakproof connection to lube oil tanks. Coverplate dimensions can be customized to fit customer requirements.
  • Motor stands are designed to allow most motors to be shipped mounted to the pump. All pump/motor assemblies are factory aligned to ensure alignment
    capabilities in the field.

Engineering Assistance

Buffalo Pumps’ Sales Engineers have the training and practical field experience necessary for the correct selection and application of Lube Oil pumps. In addition, they have the full support of Buffalo Pumps’ Research and Engineering personnel. This indepth engineering service is invaluable in assuring proper pump application and installation.

Buffalo Pumps is dedicated to providing first class service to customers from initial contact to the supply of spare parts after installation. Therefore, Buffalo Pumps maintains an extensive inventory of parts for Lube Oil pumps and is committed to servicing the market delivery demands. In addition, a complete Repair Parts Department stands ready to service your ordinary maintenance and emergency breakdown needs.

General Specifications

Capacity to 4500 GPM
Head to 700 feet
RPM 1450, 1750, 2900 & 3500


  • Working pressures as standard to 235 psi and up to 400 psi for higher pressure applications.
  • Temperature range from -40 degrees F to 200 degrees F with standard product. Through the use of special materials of construction the VCRE can be applied down to -65 degrees F.
  • Standard materials of construction include a ductile iron casing and a cast iron or bronze impeller. Carbon and alloy steel materials are also available.

Product Literature:
Bulletin 991 - Model VCRE Vertical Design Lube Oil Pumps
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