ANSI Pumps (Model CRE-CRO)

ANSI Pumps (Model CRE-CRO)

ANSI Standard/Frame Mounted/End Suction Pumps For the Chemical and Allied Industries

Standard Features
The CRE/CRO Pump is designed to ANSI B73.1 standards. It features a vertical center line discharge, foot mounted casing with cover and frame bolted with quick release bolt lugs to facilitate back pull out disassembly without disruption to suction or discharge piping. The choice is yours, with open impellers for the handling of solids, or enclosed impellers for increased efficiency. CRE/CRO pumps can be packed or mechanically sealed and are designed for low NPSHr chacteristics and low radial thrust.

The CCRE model uses the same pump end components as the CRE but placed in a close-coupled arrangement with the impeller mounted directly onto a JP frame motor shaft.  See bulletin 904A for details.

General Pump Specifications:

  • 21 Pump Sizes Available
  • 4 Bearing Frames, Grease or Oil Lubed, (water cooling available)
  • Capacities…… 5000 GPM
  • Head………… 700 Feet
  • Working pressure to 400 psi with higher pressure designs available.
  • Temperature… 500 F
  • Materials of construction include:
    • Ductile Iron/Cast Iron fitted
    • Ductile Iron/Bronze fitted
    • Ductile Iron/316 S.S. fitted
    • All 316 S.S.
    • Other alloys available
  • Shaft sized for .002” Max Deflection

Product Literature:
Bulletin 903J - CRE/CRO Centrifugal Pumps
Bulletin 904A - Close-Coupled Balanced Thurst Pumps - CCRE Standard Dimension Pumps
Bulletin 905B - VCRO Open Impeller Pumps
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