Vertical Lube Oil Pumps (Model VCRE)

The VCRE lube oil pump is a vertically submerged pump that utilizes an ANSI standard hydraulic construction, enclosed bearing housing, and

Navy and Marine Duty Pumps

Buffalo Pumps has served the Navy/ Marine market place successfully for over 60 years...

Absorption Pumps

Buffalo's absorption pumps are sealless and designed for use under the low vacuum conditions in absorption machines – this eliminates the leakage problems associated with mechanically sealed pumps.

Refrigerant Pumps (Model COM "R")

The C-O-M "R" is the PUMP of CHOICE for refrigerant applications...

Canned Motor Pumps (Model HCR)

The Can-O-Matic uses an ANSI pump end with a back pull out design which...

ANSI Pumps (Model CRE-CRO)

The CRE/CRO Pump is designed to ANSI B73.1 standards. It features a vertical center line discharge...

Double Suction Pumps (Model HSS / HSM / HSL / HSO)

Heavy duty horizontally split casings simplify inspection and maintenance of rotating parts...

Horizontal Split Multistage Pumps (Model RR)

The RR includes heavy duty horizontally split casings which facilitate inspection and maintenance of the entire rotating assembly without disturbing piping or alignment.

Slurry Pumps (Models CP/DHS)

These highly flexible pump designs allow for materials ranging from Ductile Iron & Stainless Alloys to Ni-Hard’s for your most abrasive...