Refrigerant Pumps (Model COM "R")

Refrigerant Pumps (Model COM "R")

The C-O-M "R" is the PUMP of CHOICE for refrigerant applications.

Design Features

The C-O-M "R" is a hermetically sealed, zero leakage pump designed specifically for the refrigeration industry. The C-O-M "R" eliminates the inherent maintenance and leakage problems associated with mechanical seals. It uses an ANSI standard pump end with a back pull out design for easy maintenance. The motor is liquid cooled with unique conical, self lubricating, spring loaded bearings that are self compensated for wear. Axial and radial thrust loads are balanced by Buffalo Pumps’s patented Thrust-OMatic device. Impellers for the C-O-M "R" are designed to provide low NPSH required characteristics. In fact almost all applications can be met with as little as 3 feet of NPSH available or less.

General Pump Specifications:

  • 9 Pump Sizes Available
  • Capacity…to 1000 GPM
  • Head…… 320 Feet
  • RPM……..1750 & 3500
  • Standard working pressure of 250 psi and up to 300+ psi for high pressure applications
  • Temperature range from -65 F to 100 F as standard. With use of special material the C-O-M “R” can be applied down to -100 F.
  • Standard materials of construction include low temperature ductile iron casing, cast iron impeller, carbon graphite bearings and all wetted motor parts of 316 stainless steel.

Product Literature:
Bulletin 985 - C-O-M "R" Sealless Design Refrigerant Pumps
Bulletin 988 - C-O-M "R" Sealless Design Refrigerant Pumps
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