Absorption Pumps

Absorption Pumps

Buffalo Pumps absorption pump design has been used in Absorption Chillers for over 50 years.  Buffalo Pumps’s absorption pumps are sealless and designed for use under the low vacuum conditions in absorption machines – this eliminates the leakage problems associated with mechanically sealed pumps.  They include a investment cast steel casing and cast iron impeller direct coupled to a stainless steel line canned motor.  Buffalo Pumps’s absorption pumps are designed for use on both the refrigerant and LiBr brine in the absorption system.

General Pump Specifications:

  • Capacity to 900 gpm
  • Head to 100 feet
  • Standard working pressure = 75 psi
  • Temperature range from 0C to 80C
  • For use on Water (refrigerant) or Lithium Bromide (brine)
  • Standard Materials of construction include investment cast steel casing, cast iron impeller, carbon graphite bearings, and all wetted motor parts of 316 stainless steel

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